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  • New York 2017

    Times Square

  • Hong Kong 2017

    Chungking Mansions in Tsim Sha Tsui

  • Manchester 2017


The world's 1st digital campaign to link with global advertising screens.

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March For
giants 2018

On 8-16 March 2018, Space for Giants' digital herd travelled across global billboards, raising awareness of the crisis facing elephants.

By making a small donation you can still add your vital support to the campaign & design yourself a beautiful, personalised elephant. Our herd's journey culminates in Botswana at Space for Giants' Summit, attended by African Heads of State - the decision makers with the power to protect elephants. Your donations now will still add essential support to the work of Space for Giants.

Please help us tackle illegal poaching and secure a future for elephants and their habitats.

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  • 1000's

    of elephants

    stomping around the globe

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    CRUCIAL Summit

    to make a difference - before it's too late

2018 March Locations



New York

The summit
Botswana, Africa



Your donation will help Space for Giants protect an elephant in the wild. Space for Giants is an international conservation charity that protects Africa’s elephants from immediate threats like poaching while working to secure their habitats forever.

Space for Giants protects elephants (training and equipping rangers, strengthening legal protection, stopping human-elephant conflict) and secures their habitat (supports existing protected areas to secure the funds they need to maintain and protect habitat and create new protected areas in partnership with private and community landowners).

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